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National Symbols


The Commonwealth of The Bahamas


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The National Flag

Texts below are based on data taken from:

http://webserv.bahamaseducation.com/index.html  on 11 Nov 2003.


Bahamian Flag


A competition for the design of the new Flag of The Bahamas was held in November 1971. The next year on November 14th, 1972 The Bahamas Cabinet approved the design of the flag now used. A black equilateral triangle against the mast, super-imposed on a horizontal background made up of two colors on three equal strips: aquamarine, gold, and black.


1) The black, a strong colour, represents the vigour and force of a united people;


2) The triangle pointing towards the body of the flag represents the enterprise and determination of the Bahamian people to develop and possess the rich resources of the land.


3) The sea is represented by gold and aquamarine.


4) The colors of the flag are symbolic of our bright region, our land, sea and sun.




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